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Take Part

Taking part in a Fitness League class couldn’t be easier.

To find a class near you put your post code in the search box on the right with the radius of how far you are prepared to travel. Your local Fitness League classes will come up in the green box on the new screen with the contact details of the teacher.

Do I need to be fit already?

No! Our classes are tailored to meet your needs.  You will soon find your posture, energy and flexibility improving. We will ask you a few questions about your health when you first start but chronic conditions/not being fit shouldn’t stop you from joining in. If the teacher is concerned though, she will suggest you see a doctor before you join us.

Do I have to wear a leotard?

No! Wear clothes you feel comfortable to move in. Track pants and a loose tee are great.

Do I have to wear expensive trainers?

No! We encourage you to work bare foot as it helps your balance and allows your feet to exercise properly. If you don’t like the thought of bare foot work, then a light, lace up jazz shoe or plimsolls fine. If you want to wear trainers then that is fine too. The choice is yours.

Do I have to bring any equipment?

It’s a good idea to bring a mat and a bottle of water.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! Coming with a friend is a great idea – you can both enjoy the class, have fun and meet new people. Don’t worry if you come alone though. There will be plenty of friendly faces and you may find you already know a few people!!

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