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Fitness League teachers instruct in Bagot Stack which is part dance, part exercise to energise and strengthen the whole body.  This unique system which is based on yoga, remedial health exercises and movement, offers a complete approach to body fitness and mobility. The focus is on strengthening abdominal muscles to achieve ‘central control’ which provides the basis of good posture from which all movement can be performed safely and effectively. 

The technique has proved its worth over many years adapting successfully to the ever-changing fitness world.  The classes take place in a sociable and enjoyable environment and provide a network of friendship throughout the UK and abroad.

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Welcome to The Fitness League

It’s a very exciting time for the Exercise, Movement and Dance (EMD) world! With so many fantastic activities happening, we hope to inspire the whole nation to be fitter and healthier. With our debut tie-ups with the Daily Telegraph and Women’s Institute we’re looking forward to engaging with 20,000 participants as part of the Exercise, Move, Dance Campaign.

The Fitness League and wider EMD team are building stronger bonds with partners to ensure we reach the most important people…you! We want to have as many people as possible reaping the physical, psychological and social benefits EMD brings. We are sure you will love the Fitness League. Search for a local class here.

Be one of 20,000 new Movers and Shakers to ‘Join the Movement’, discover a new passion, see yourself transform and encourage your friends to get moving too. There are so many brilliant things coming your way so be sure to keep an eye on the #JoinTheMovement and #MoverandShaker hashtags on twitter for immediate updates and prize draws.

If you have been given a promotional code i.e WIOffer2014 then don’t forget to use it to get your first EMD class for free.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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